Shakib Khan

Shakib Khan About this sound listen; born 28 March 1979), also known by the initialism SK, is a Bangladeshi film actor, producer, occasional singer, film organizer, and media personality who works in Bengali films, both in Bangladesh and West Bengal. In his career spanning about two decades, Khan has been the propeller of the contemporary film industry Dhallywood. He is popularly known in the media as "King Khan", "King of Dhallywood" and "Number One Shakib Khan" (initialism as No1SK), also referred to as "Bhaijaan of Dhallywood" (about his 2018 film Bhaijaan Elo Re). Currently, he is the highest-paid actor in Bangladesh. Following his debut in Sohanur Rahman Sohan's 1999 action romantic Ananta Bhalobasha (Eternal Love), Khan did not lead to widespread fame. Subsequently, Khan established himself as one of the most successful actors in Bengali cinema. The Badiul Alam Khokon-directed Priya Amar Priya (2008) in which Khan played a college student with a careless attitude, was a major commercial success in his career with grossed ৳150 million (US$1.8 million) and become the second highest-grossing film and earned him highest remuneration. His Shikari's new look garnered him praise...

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1970 - present