Porane Poran Badhiya


The film is based on two Hindu castes. The protagonist of the film belongs to the priest family. On the other hand, the hero belongs to the lower dynasty i.e. Charal dynasty. But what kind of love understands, does not understand lineage. Whoever has a funny mind or Hari or Dom. The daughter of the priestly family developed a heart-to-heart relationship with the son of the Charal family. At first Charal refused to accept the family. Because the dwarf can't see the moon, just like water and oil don't mix, the boy's father is not willing to accept anything.But looking at the boy's happiness, Charal once agreed.
But the priestly family does not believe in anything.
In the end, both the hero and the heroine lost their lives due to the two high and low castes.
Let's learn to love people.

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