Rakesh is a dashing businessman played by Nirob. One day he had a car accident on his way to a business meeting and lost eyesight. This story revolves around Rakesh and his eyes. He got his eyesight back through an operation which was Joy's. (Another protagonist of this movie; played by Roshan) Shortly after regaining his sight, Rakesh began to see paranormal activities. At some point he began to work on unraveling the mysteries of his new eyes. While doing this he met Reznie; the female lead played by Bubly. Trying to unravel the secrets of his eyes, he got himself involved with the mysterious murder of joy. Thus, the story goes on. Shahiduzzaman Selim, Tuhin Chaudhury, Romeo, Zahid Islam, Hafiz, Dipak, Rafiq, Aysha Amin, Masum Basar, Bondhon and many more has also acted in this film.

Release Date

October 01, 2021

Age Rating


Asif Iqbal Jewel


Selina Begum


Action/Adventure, Animation, Family


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