August 1975


World history marks 15th of August, 1975 as one of the most maligning days of civilization. The leader who if was not born, would shut the hopes for expressing Bengali nationalism, without whom the rise of independent Bangladesh couldn’t have been possible, was assassinated along with most his family. A shrewd internationally linked conspiracy took the life of the greatest Bengali of all time, ‘Bangabandhu’ (Friend of Bengal) Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the founding father of the Bengali nation.

Just when he took on the honest and brave role to scheme a turn around by advancing overall national development with an indomitable force, his life was taken. The military regime made the nation fall behind through a mischievous scheme of distorting the liberation war history. Friend of the Bengal; friend of the world, Sheikh Mujib is eternal. He is never dead. As the days-months-years pass by, his legacy will only get richer, not only in Bangladesh, but also in the newer chapters of world history. Today we mourn for Bangabandhu, Bangamata (Mother of Bengal) and all the martyrs from his family.

‘August 1975’ tells how it rolled out during and after the death of Bangabandhu. This endeavor pictures the procession that took place from the eve of 15 August to Bangabandhu’s burial on 16 August, 1975.The film is produced by Selim Khan whose production company operates as Shapla Media International Ltd. Afsaruddin Bhuiyan, Kazi Mizanur Rahman and Nasuir Uddin also join the film as executive producers. Selim Khan directed the movie alongside Shamim Ahamed Roni. Masuma Rahman Nabila, Tauquir Ahmed and Shahiduzzaman Selim have been cast in various leading roles. Principal photography of this film begun on 10 July and ended on 29 July 2020.

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