August 1975

Full Cast and Crew



World history marks 15th of August, 1975 as one of the most maligning days of civilization. The leader who if was not born, would shut the hopes for expressing Bengali nationalism, without whom the rise of independent Bangladesh couldn’t have been possible, was assassinated along with most his family. A shrewd internationally linked conspiracy took the life of the greatest Bengali of all time, ‘Ba...Read more

Photo Name Roles
Taskeen Rahman Actor
Shahiduzzaman Selim Actor
Majnun Mijan Actor
Masuma Rahman Nabila Actress
Selim Khan Producer, Director
Shamim Ahamed Roni Writer, Cinematographer, Screenplay
Kayes Chowdhury Actor
Anisur Rahman Milon Actor
Tauquir Ahmed Actor
Ashraful Ashish Actor