Full Cast and Crew



Bidrohi is an Bangladeshi action-drama film. The film is directed by Shaheen Sumon and is produced by Selim Khan under the banner of Shapla Media. The film is written by Delwar Hossain Dil. It feature Shakib Khan, Shabnom Bubly and Sushmita Mridula in the lead roles, and Sadek Bachchu, Misha Sawdagor, Amit Hasan, Shiba Shanu, Don and Saberi Alam have played supporting roles in film. This film wa...Read more

Photo Name Roles
Shakib Khan Actor
Shabnom Bubly Actress
Misha Sawdagor Actor
Sadek Bachchu Actor
Amit Hasan Actor
Bipasha Kabir Actress
Md. Shahin Khan Producer
Selim Khan Director, Writer
Mahfuzur Rahman Khan Cinematographer